System Components:

A typical system is made up of a set of bells, a programmable transmitter, a remote releasing keypad, a magnetic base antenna, two connection cables, and a set of service manuals. Each choker is programmed with one of 256 distinct release codes at the time of manufacture.  The transmitter is programmed at the Yarder machine to transmit as many as nine chokers at once, and is equipped with a memory retention battery.  Other accessories included in the package are a puller tool for changing batteries and a hand-held programmable transmitter to provide a means of testing and servicing.

Picture: Complete Radio Controlled Choker System (6 X RCCs)

A typical Radio Controlled Choker system consists of:
  • 6 X Radio Controlled Choker Bells (each individually encoded)
  • 1 X Set of quick connect cables
  • 1 X Main Transmitter
  • 1 X Remote Keypad
  • 1 X Portable Transmitter
  • 1 X Puller / Pusher Tool (for replacing internal RCC battery)
  • 1 X Antenna
  • 2 X Manuals


  • 1 Spare Parts Kit
  • 4 Choker Setting Tools (NEW)

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