Installation and Service:

Installation of the system is a simple process requiring about one hour. An installation, service and maintenance manual is provided with each system. Field and shop service is limited only by the availability of the necessary electronics expertise, instrumentation, tools and parts to do the job. Johnson Industries Ltd. is committed to maintaining a supply of parts and the necessary in-house capability to service all system components on a quick turnaround basis.  Johnson Industries is committed to field service and customer satisfaction.  For a nominal fee Johnson will install and train your employees on how to use the system.  To make the most out of this productive logging tool we recommend taking advantage of our services or contacting us for more information.

Transmitter Layout

The figure above shows a typical installation of the Main Transmitter in the Yarder cab.

As each logging job is different your drop line lengths will  vary.  We recommend staggering your lines so that the RCCs are not constantly hitting one another causing excess shock and wear to the internal components.  Press fit knobs are also recommended as they are less likely to come apart than manually made knobs.

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