General Information

Johnson Industries offers a range of logging equipment and the latest innovations in remote releasing choker systems available from any single source.  Our company started in the early 1960's and designed a yarding grapple system which has stood the test of time and become a benchmark in the forest industry today. 

Our slack pulling carriages were our next success, and have continued to remain just that.  The design has developed to the point where no modifications have been necessary for decades. 

  The Radio Controlled Choker Bell System  is another innovative product designed by Johnson Industries.  With this product your logging operation will be more streamlined by increasing safety, productivity, and efficiency.  

Johnson also designs and manufactures a range of products including hydraulic, pneumatic, spring set and manually applied caliper brakes  for Yarder machines and for use on hoists, conveyors, propulsion systems and other rotating equipment.

Johnson also produces electro-magnetic and electro-hydraulic thrustor drum and disc brakes which are in service around the world on cranes, hoists and other material handling and power transmission equipment.

We also design and manufacture storm and parking brakes and systems which include automatic and manual rail clamps, rail brakes and wheel clamps for use on cranes, stacker-reclaimers, loaders and other rail mounted equipment.

In addition to stocking a comprehensive range of parts, we also offer maintenance and refurbishment services, as well as field service, training and commissioning.

Johnson Industries Ltd.  -  6500 Dennett Place - Delta, B.C. - Canada - V4G 1N4 - Tel.:(604) 940 4555 - Fax.:(604) 940 4565
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