Radio Controlled Choker Brochure
Espaņol - Radio Controlled Choker Brochure in Spanish
Deutchland - Radio Controlled Choker Brochure in German

Articles about our Radio Controlled Chokers
Truck Logger Magazine
Loggers World Article (Large file 2Mb)

Troubleshooting Guides
General (RCC) Choker Troubleshooting Guide
Choker fails to Set
Choker fails to Release

Rigging Diagrams
Y116,Y106 & Y88 Grapples
Y116,Y106 & Y88 Grapples with combo carriage
Y106HS,Y96, Y78, & Y56 Grapples
Y106HS,Y96, Y78, & Y56 Grapples with combo carriage

Other Equipment
Yarder Brakes

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