Demo 2000 was held near Kelowna, British Columbia, Canada.  Thanks to Skylead Logging Equipment corp. we were able to show our Radio Controlled Chokers in action, and of course they were flawless.  Our display also included the Skylead C-40 16000 Series Yarder, Maki II carriage, Hyundai 210LC3 Excavator, and a Waratah HTH 20 Processor head.

The plot of land we were logging is what is referred to as the logging road.  The width of the road was approximately 300ft, and from top to bottom it was about 600 ft.  The series of pictures below shows some of the equipment we were using in action.  Click on the small images for a larger picture.

We look forward to the next DEMO show as this was a big success for our company.
Our sign showing the equipment we were demonstrating at the show...
RCC004's set around some logs
 Our sign showing the equipment being demonstrated
Radio Controlled Chokers "set" around some logs

Bill Varner and One of his employees

Marilyn Bertram cuts a log with a Waratah Processor Head
At the landing with Bill Varner and Harold
Marilyn Bertram cuts a log using the Waratah processor head

Logging Road

Randy and Harold setting Radio Controlled Chokers
What is referred to as the logging road
Chokerman, Randy and Harold calling for slack...

Intermediate Support

Randy and Harold running with the Radio Controlled Chokers

An intermediate support, used to achieve deflection
Running with the slack to the nearest log

A large crowd gathered at the DEMO

Peachland, near the DEMO 2000 site at dusk...
Typical crowd watching the show
Photo at dusk, near DEMO 2000

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